Cattery Concepts

Housing for cats has also seen exciting innovations. Island arrangements of cages, back-lighted cages, cat condos, cat community rooms, and sun/exercise rooms are some of the friendly designs that give cats the happy environment and prominence they deserve.

Island Arrangement of Cages:

In this popular cat room arrangement, the cages are built-in back to back in the center of the room. This allows the public to circle through the room rather than having a dead-end corridor. The room has large windows for natural light and ventilation, (not possible when cages are lined down perimeter walls). Shelter Planners of America island design can include warm back-lighting of white translucent polyethylene cages and individual exhaust directly to cages.

Cat Community Rooms:
These rooms are designed to house multiple long term, health-checked cats. The room can either be fully enclosed for colder climates or it can be built with a screened porch with cats having access when it is opened during good weather. The space can be fully washed and disinfected and can have built-in exercise features.

Sun / Exercise Rooms:
This special exercise area is usually built connected to the main cat room. It has large glass walls to bring in warm sunlight and stepped platforms leading into the windows for sunning. The room is separated into several open kennels holding several cats each. Compatible cats can be placed in the Sun Room for several hours each day for exercise and stimulation.
Cat Condos:
This design is primarily for cat adoption displays. Each "Condo" is a small room with a solid glass front for public viewing. The Condo is equipped with warm lighting and climbing structures or disinfectable furniture. The Condos face the lobby or main corridors to draw people into adoption areas.