paws kennelwithgreen Although "Shelter Planners of America" meets and exceeds all of the qualifications mentioned, it is most important that you be sure any architect you hire meets these requirements. Of course, we would be pleased to help you with the design of your project.

"Shelter Planners of America" provides complete design services nationwide through our NCARB Registered Associate Architects. From the feasibility study and building program right through to the building design, working drawings, bidding and construction,

"Shelter Planners of America" has more experience with designing shelters than anyone in the United States. Our fees will be lower than a local non-specialist because we do not need to spend our time and your money learning what a shelter is all about before it is designed. We invite you take advantage of our two decades of experience to insure that your new shelter will function correctly, hold up under hard daily use and be the most innovative and attractive design possible. Your new building should be a model in your state and one of which you can be justly proud.

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