New Approaches To Building Appearance, Equipment and Finishes

monterey Our philosophy of building design is that the facility should be inviting to the public and provide a friendly, enjoyable adoption experience. The building should also be pleasant to work in and easy for the staff to maintain. The facility must present the animals in an appealing manner and also be comfortable, healthy and low stress for the animals.

Since people and animals are most comfortable in a home environment, we incorporate many design elements to make the shelter attractive, home-like and non-intimidating. Often shelters are designed to look like large industrial or institutional buildings.

We feel this is a serious mistake. Even a large building can be designed on a human scale and have a residential quality, whether traditional or modern. As you can see from the shelters pictured in this website.

"Shelter Planners of America" believes the interiors of shelters should also be warm and inviting and avoid the feeling of a sterile hospital or a large cold factory. We make a point of designing abundant natural window light into all animal holding areas and all office spaces. Materials and finishes used throughout the shelter are easy to clean, durable and in warm, pleasant, colors and tones.

Selecting The Best Equipment and Finishes

There are new products, shelter equipment and kennel finishes coming on the market every year. You should know about everything available. Just as important, you should know how different equipment holds up, its strengths and weaknesses and its cost. There are dozens of choices you must make: kenneling equipment; caging; flooring; wall coatings; ceiling materials; built-in pressure washing equipment; watering systems; lighting; floor heat; sound control materials; plumbing fixtures; office finishes and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. Because "Shelter Planners of America" has experience with hundreds of projects we've seen all of these products, used in many applications. We continue to research new products and can provide you invaluable guidance in making your selections.