Capital Campaign

threedogs Shelter Planners of America now has an affiliate organization what can raise the funds you need to build your new multi-million dollar shelter. Not only can we offer you the very best in shelter planning and design, but the money to get your shelter built is possible by just calling Shelter Planners of America.

Our new fund raising affiliate Development Counsel, will come into your community; evaluate your potential, design your capital campaign and most importantly, they will do the actual work of raising the funds for you. Unlike most fund raisers who simply give you a written plan about how you can go out and raise money, our Associate does it for you, working hand and hand with your group's leaders.

thumper They have been raising funds for over seventeen years and have an amazing track record of successes. Their fresh and unique approach to fund raising, and uncompromising integrity provides a level of credibility unmatched in the industry. Often they have raised one or two times more than the original goal! Of course it will take some seed money to get started. But for about $20,000 you can start on your way to the millions you need. Their fees for the fund raising work are charged monthly, as your money comes in, and you are never obligated beyond 30 days.

As you know, it costs money to raise money. It would be nice if your supporters just sent you money because everybody knows you need a shelter. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. To raise funds, your organization must be fiscally sound, have a good reputation in the community and good leadership. If you can meet these criteria, then we can raise the millions to build your new shelter. Call today for no obligation information.

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PS: This service is available exclusively for clients who are already under contract with "Shelter Planners of America" for design of their new shelter

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