HVAC and Floor Drainage System

One of the most critical requirements of new or renovated and expanded shelters is that the HVAC systems be designed properly to minimize disease spread among animals. The amount of fresh air make-up, the hourly rate of air exchange, heat and cooling recapture, air filtration and purification, HVAC zoning, supplemental air exhaust and patterns of air distribution within the animal areas are all essential components of a well designed shelter.

In addition to the above criteria there are important options you need to consider such as radiant floor heat in the dog kennels to eliminate rest boards, speed floor drying time and benefit the animals' disease resistance. Another consideration is to use several smaller, completely separate HVAC systems for different zoned building areas, thereby eliminating spread of odors and contaminated air. This approach also keeps the building comfortable in the event of one zone system failure.
There is no one set formula that can apply to all buildings. Requirements vary based on geographical location and climate, style of kennels, animal capacity of kennels, status and health of the animals being housed and cost considerations.

It is extremely important that your architectural firm has experience designing systems for shelters in all different climates. It is this experience that will allow your building to be designed so that you do not have odors in the facility or disease spread among animals.

dogkennel Poor drainage causes more trouble in shelters than almost any other problem encountered. When shelters were first being built, over one hundred years ago, they used hard-to-clean, disease-spreading gutters, and even today shelters are still being designed with the same antiquated, undesirable gutter design.

Some highly contagious diseases, such as Parvovirus, are spread through the splattering of microscopic bits of feces from one area to another. With a gutter system you are making it easier for spatter and waste to find its way to other animals. Even with covered gutter systems all spattering and cross contamination cannot be eliminated.

"Shelter Planners of America" applies strict specifications and design criteria to all shelter drainage systems we design. "Shelter Planners of America" uses special floor drainage designs we have developed to assure that all animal spaces drain quickly and completely and that waste or water do not flow into adjacent spaces.