New Kenneling Concepts

There are several excellent new approaches to modern kennel design: Courtyard Kennel Designs, Fully Enclosed Sky Lighted Kennels, Convertible Kennels, Adoption Room Kenneling and Community Display Kenneling to name a few. Shelters Planners of America is a pioneer in these designs.
Courtyard Kennel Designs:
This extremely popular design was pioneered and perfected by "Shelter Planners of America's" Bill Meade. These Indoor/Outdoor kennels are arranged facing into and around a beautifully landscaped courtyard. The public proceeds into the courtyard to view the animals. The kennels are secure from break-ins, and barking noise is directed away from surrounding neighbors.
Fully Enclosed Sky-Lighted Kennels: For colder climates, kennels can be fully enclosed and heated for the animals' comfort and health. These kennels receive natural sunlight from a large skylight the full length of the kennel. There is a raised planter (with full sized trees) down the middle walkway between kennels. This planter blocks the dogs' view of other dogs (reducing barking and stress) and gives an outdoor planted atmosphere.

Community Display Housing: These areas are used primarily to display adoptable animals for the public and encourage visitors to visit the kennels. Several small animals (dogs or cats) can be housed together in a small room behind sound-proof glass. Their space has furniture, toys and climbing features to keep the animals happy and playful which the public will enjoy watching.
Adoption Room Kennels: This highly appealing concept, also called "real time rooms", pioneered in recent years by our firm, is gaining in popularity especially for shelters that hold animals for longer periods. Each dog has its own small room with a connecting outside exercise area. The room is complete with a washable, padded couch, warm lighting and a picture window to the outside for the dog and one inside for the public to view the dog. These dogs always feel at home, and the rooms are also used for adopters to visit with the animals.

Convertible Kennels: For moderate climates this type kennel is fully enclosed but at the touch of one button, garage-like doors open up along the entire kennel exterior wall giving the animals and visitors fresh air and open outside views.