Project Examples

New York City Shelter

New York City has a human population of 8.5 million and is subdivided into five boroughs. The City is currently served by three animal shelters, one in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn and one on Staten Island. The other two boroughs, Bronx and Queens only have an admission center. The city has a total annual animal intake of 36,000. The city is planning to build two new full service animal shelters in the boroughs of Bronx and Queens with Shelter Planners of America serving as the Animal Shelter consultant to NYC based architect Mott-McDonald.

Harris County

Harris County Veterinarian Public Health Facility serves the un-incorporated portions of Harris County with a human population of 1.8 million and animal intake of approximately 24,000 annually and the human population is rapidly growing. The facility is designed to house 400 dogs, 200 cats, as well as other animals. The project features a 6,500 SF animal hospital that will not only serve the animals at the shelter, but also the general public. Shelter Planners of America serves as the Shelter designer for Houston based Kirksey Architecture.

Beaufort County

Beaufort County, SC is constructing a new animal shelter on a more visible site to replace their existing shelter. The new site is master planned into a new County Park and adjacent to a proposed dog park. The new shelter is in cooperation with the Hilton Head Humane Association that will operate the Adoption Center. In addition, they operate the Spay/Neuter Alliance Clinic that will relocate to this site. The clinic preforms 7,500 spay/neuters a year and has operated for four years resulting in the animal intake in the county declining. The exterior design is based on a traditional "low country" design and provides three distinct entrances for the three operations being combined at this site. Shelter Planners is working in association with Glick-Boehm Architects to bring this project to completion.

Humane Society AZ

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is the oldest and largest nonprofit in southern Arizona dedicated to serving pets and the people who love them. Strategically planned to be relocated to the zip code most needing prevention resources, the new facility will feature a full medical clinic, a large educational center for the community, 117 dog kennels, space for 74 cats, as well as space for other types of animals.

Shelter Planners of America is the Shelter Design Consultant, the architect of record is Tucson based The Architectural Company. The project is designed utilizing a campus plan with multiple outdoor spaces between buildings. The exterior design has large asymmetrical canopies to emulate the natural mesquite trees on the site.


This is a County-owned facility but will be operated by a local non-profit, FACC. The Community is working towards no-kill and this new shelter is a part of the overall plan. The facility is designed to receive 2,000 animals per year and will have 56 dog runs and space for 64 cats. A clinic is also included in the design for shelter animals. In addition a local non-profit is planning to relocate its low cost high volume spay and neuter clinic to this site. Shelter Planners of America is working in association with Thompson Litton Architects & Engineers to bring this project to completion.

Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness is North Texas' oldest and largest no-kill animal shelter helping over 3,800 animals per year. They are located on a beautiful 4-acre, wooded site, but it is difficult to access. SPA recommended they acquire a small adjacent property that would give them direct access to a major thoroughfare. Before they could even approach the adjacent land owner, he contacted them about selling them the land but, after some conversation, the land owner decided to donate the land to Operation Kindness. Their goal is to adopt 5,000 animals per year. The proposed addition and renovation will double the size of the facility and greatly expand their medical program.

Stueben County

Steuben County Humane Society's existing facility is on County owned land and the County has asked them to relocate. They have a new 7 acre site in a visible location and preparing to move. There is an existing red barn on the property and the Humane Society wanted the new building to have the character of a farm.

Harker Heights

The expansion of the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center will add a medical clinic, and a new Puppy Room, Free Roam Cat Housing and Condos.

Apple Valley

Apple Valley, CA, size: 36,000 square feet. This Southwestern eclectic style offers a curved sweeping front glass to mimic the Town of Apple Valley Civic Center. The shelter includes a cat area, a bright sun lit lobby, and a spacious courtyard. The design includes space for the addition of a future veterinary clinic. The shelter is located in the high-desert of California and subject to harsh climate extremes. As such, the U-shape of the building creates a courtyard which provides protection from wind and dust storms and mitigates noise.


Joplin, MO, size: 20,000 square feet. Joplin Humane Society will handle 10,000 animals a year and is expecting to incorporate many features found in today's shelters, such as air-purification systems, an education room, a animal clinic, and a pet-supply sales area. Administrative offices will include volunteer work areas, adoption and interview rooms, a reception lobby and front desk, and rooms where adoptable pets and owners can get acquainted.


Naples, Florida, size: 20,000 square feet. This is a major addition and renovation for the Naples Humane Society. New spacious dog adoption suites will be created for all dogs plus large community rooms for cats. Public viewing areas are skylighted and feature indoor planters. The building has special windows for hurricane strength winds. This new state-of-the-art no-kill pet shelter will find homes for many more orphaned pets.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI, size: 29,000 square feet. A new square-foot that allows HSHV to be a model of best practices in animal sheltering, prevention services, and community support, Itan inviting and healthy environment so more animals find loving homes. The innovative design weaves humane education throughout the facility, incorporates a green geothermal heating and cooling system and uses current research to prevent disease and reduce noise and stress.All of the storm water is captured in a system of bioswales, so the water continues to be cleaned and purified as it goes through the storm system on the site.


Duluth, MN, size: 8,000 square feet. The new Animal Allies Humane Society shelter is a bright, warm and welcoming 8,000 sq. ft. facility for homeless pets, those who care for them, and people looking to adopt a dog or cat for their families. Every kennel and animal living space is bathed in natural light and well ventilated to keep indoor air fresh and odor free. Because of the cold climate, the kennels are built for indoor housing with SPA Quick-Clean Technology. Rooms are climate controlled for maximum comfort, and there are outdoor exercise areas, including safe, peaceful dog-walking trails. It is the perfect atmosphere for people and pets to get acquainted.


Sedona, AZ size: 12,500 square feet. Humane Society of Sedona project consists of a major addition to and remodeling of its existing facility. A new, two-story structure is constructed in the front of the existing building, which is totally remodeled inside with new veterinary and support functions. Animal viewing and visitation areas are located on the lower floor of the new building. The upper floor contains offices and education/conference room. The 12,457 square feet facility includes over 3,000 square feet of cat kennels and animal visitation area, over 3,300 square feet of dog kennels and animal isolation, and over 2,600 square feet of animal support & veterinary area. The plan also includes almost 1,800 square feet of outdoor animal enclosures.

Universal City

Universal City, Texas, size: 7,066 square feet. Universal City Animal Control facility is a courtyard design that house 66 pets. There are separate rooms including a receiving area, dog keenels, cat rooms, staff offices, a laundry room, food storage and animal kitchen. This new building has already provided shelter for hundreds of animals that have become lost, abandoned or injured since its opening on August 2008. The courtyard provides a park-like environment for visitors and animals to enjoy.


Lebonnon, OH Size: 15,245 square feet. The public and private circulation areas are entirely separate and distinct, eliminating confusion. The facility incorporates the basic requirements of holding, separation, medical care, and adoption. The isolation and holding areas are provided for animals entering the facility along with the multi-purpose exam room that will serve for basic medical delivery. Adoption areas include a few get-acquainted rooms, separate cat, puppy, and dog adoption areas which help minimize stress for animals being held for longer periods of time. The shelter was completed under budget and on time. The owner receives many compliments on the design that promotes the comfort and health of the animals and offers bright open spaces for the public.


Harrisonburg, VA Size: 15,027 square feet. The owner is extremely pleased with the result. “We have just completed our new animal shelter and feel we have one of the best planned and designed SPCAs in the state. We have been delighted with the level of experience and skill Shelter Planners of America has brought to our new project. Bill Meade, Director of Planning and Design clearly understands all of the functions that take place in a shelter and how a well designed shelter will make everything operate smoothly. It has been personally and professionally rewarding to work with you to reach our goal of an outstanding shelter.
~ Ann Anderson, Executive Director, Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA, VA


Monterey County, CA Size: 12,992 square feet. Shelter Planners of America recommended the site location in addition to developing the design concept. The new animal shelter has an appealing almost residential feel, with an inviting appearance and a courtyard layout to allow for future expansion of the kennel wing of the building. The new shelter offers top quality animal housing, meeting facilities and an attached veterinary clinic to provide animal medical services. The final design addresses both tight budget and aesthetic requirements and has been a welcomed addition to the community.


St. Louis, MO Size: 80,000 square feet. This is one of the largest animal shelters in the United States. The design of this building was especially challenging because it was new construction along with remodeling of an existing warehouse. The completed shelter has many unique features, including full service veterinary hospital, a retail pet supplies and gift shop, public educational auditorium and interactive facilities for children and adults. The dog kennels have an exclusive time-saving design which eliminates normal kennel morning cleanup. This design was pioneered by Shelter Planners of America and is the first-of-a-kind in the nation.


Pembroke, MA Size: 18,000 square feet. This shelter was built for the Boston Animal League, and as one of the seven shelters operated in the Boston area. The building was constructed on a 20 acre site with large, attractive lawn and landscaping. It is designed in a traditional Georgian style to blend with the nearby homes. A park-like center court yard allows visitors to view the adaptable animal from one central location. All animal have oversized exercise runs and fully glassed in interior kennels to keep noise at extremely low levels. This handsome shelter has been warmly received by everyone in the community of Pembroke.