Our Testimonials

cds"I just thought I would let you know how our shelter is doing after three years. The back to back kennels have been a tremendous improvement in stress reduction. I love it. Individual drains in each kennel as you suggested are, in my estimation, the only way to go. They work well and disease problems with dogs have been virtually nonexistent. You saved us from having a building that looked like a factory. The exterior is welcoming and non-institutional-looking. To sum it up, our fees to you were the best money we ever spent."

~ Joan Phillips, President, The Animal Lovers League, Glen Cove, NY

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"We are extremely pleased with the layout of our new building. We truly appreciate design features that contribute to better animal health and make for a cleaner, more comfortable surroundings for the animals, staff and the public."

~ Kathy Prew, Director, Monterey Animal Shelter, CA


"We have been delighted with the level of experience and skill Shelter Planners of America has brought to our new 12,000 square foot project. They understand all of the functions that take place in a shelter and how a well designed shelter will make everything operate smoothly."

~ Ann Anderson, Exec. Dir., Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA, VA

"Shelter Planners of America designed a great people-friendly shelter for us. It is pleasing to the eye, but most importantly it functions extremely well for the animals comfort and from the employee¹s point of view. I receive compliments from our visitors all the time telling me this is the nicest shelter they have seen. The fact that visitors find our shelter so attractive is mere icing on the cake."

~ James Noe, Exec. Dir. Halifax Humane Society, Daytona Beach, FL

"We are so completely satisfied with our new shelter, we urge all groups to take advantage of your experience designing shelters. Our animals are healthy and seem to be as happy as if they were in a home. The shelter is so quiet and natural sunlight streams into all animal areas. Why aren't all shelters designed to house animals in these friendly and easy to maintain kennels? Every person we contacted for whom you designed a shelter had only glowing praise for your projects."

~ Dean Roseby, Pres. Animal Care Shelter Freedom, CA

"Because we have never been involved in building a new shelter, it was a relief to have a highly knowledgeable team to guide us through the planning process. SPA has given us the information and understanding needed to make wise decisions in designing our new 9,000 square foot facility. We are extremely pleased to recommend Shelter Planners of America."

~ Debra Joseph, Exec. Dir., SPCA of Fredericksburg, VA

"It is our pleasure to highly recommend Shelter Planners of America to any group planning to build a new animal shelter. Their great knowledge about shelter functional requirements was clear from the first day we began working together. We are planning a very special shelter that will emphasize the adoption of the pets. We feel totally confident in the abilities of SPA helping us every step of the way to our beautiful new animal adoption shelter."

~ Dana Cheek, Exec Dir., Norfolk SPCA, VA

"Shelter Planners of America provided outstanding performance in developing an effective building design and guiding our project successfully through construction. The end result is an attractive, efficient building for our staff and citizens that provides comfortable lodging for the animals in our care."

~ Randy Luensmann, Director of Public Works, City of Universal of City, TX