Taking The Third Step:

Making Design Decisions

There are many decisions that must be made in the process of designing your new shelter. You will need a designer who can present the different choices to you, with the pros and cons of each choice and the cost of each option. Following are some of the key design elements that you will be addressing.


Site Selection

If you will be acquiring a new site for your shelter your choice will have a major impact on the success of the shelter. In addition to being sure you have enough acreage, proper zoning and availability of sewage and utilities, the actual location of the property is of utmost importance. We have found time and again that if the shelter is located on a main thoroughfare rather than a remote location or dead-end road, your visitor and adoption rates will double. When "Shelter Planners of America" does a Needs Assessment/Feasibility/Building Program Study for your building, we will also evaluate potential sites as a part of the Study.